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Student programs specializing in: 

  • Talent identification

  • Training sessions for competitive singles in Figure Skating

  • Technical coaching for jumping, spinning, footwork, skating skills and innovative movements. 

  • Special enrichment education for off ice class and Theatre on Ice.

  • Consulting services for 3rd party competitive coaches and their athletes

  • Dry-Land Jump Lessons 


Programs designed and choreographed for all levels of competitive singles, including:

  • Music selection

  • Research music edits

  • Creative idea or theme

  • Choreography

  • Assistance of Ice Dancer or Stage Performer if required


Seminars available on request

  • High Performance Skaters used for demonstration 

  • Assistant Coaching if needed 

  • Off-Ice Coaches in Exercise Physiology, Dance, Performing Arts, Dryland Jumping 

  • On-Ice Technique in Jump & Spin Elements

Aleksa Rakic, 2019 JGP Silver Medalist, Canadian Junior Champion of Canada
Joanne McLeod, Emily Bausback, Coaching Seminar 20017, Skate Canada AGM
Emanuel Sandhu, 3 times Canadian Champion
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